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Visual identity, exterior, packaging, copywriting, digital

A natural wine shop and bar, serving European wines and British farmed charcuterie

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A name and brand positioning was introduced for this independently owned store in Newington Green, London.

TTD named the shop ‘YIELD’, which dates back to a Middle English term — meaning to ‘produce or provide’ – and is often seated as a way in which to talk about the riches of the harvest. Everything centres around this Old English local shop feeling from the colour palette of heritage blue and cream white through to the way the brand is applied to packaging using hand stamps. TTD created handdrawn illustrations of the product range; meat, cheese, wine and ales to show the range sold instore. The brand was then carried across to the exterior shopfront, using cream tiles, navy walls alongside hand-crafted wine crate light-boxes and powder coated internally illuminated signage.

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