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65: by Colin O’Brien

Publication, exhibition, curation, production

A publication showcasing 65 selected images taken over a period of 65 years of everyday London scenes

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‘65’ was designed to showcase Colin’s work on a new level and to a wider creative audience, TTD wanted every detail to link back to his 65 year career, from the off white papers, handmade boxes, foil blocking, nostalgic colour palette and handwritten typography. TTD worked closely with Colin to make sure that every detail relayed his unique storytelling and photographic style. Designed in a first edition of 1,100 copies and a 400 limited edition boxed edition.

The book was then carefully curated to become an exhibition at the OXO Tower on Londons South Bank and a 15 minute documentary which was showcased at the London Short Film Festival at the ICA in January 2016. The book is sold at select book stores including Foyles, Claire de Rouen and distributed by Antenne books. The project was also featured on prolific design blogs including ‘It’s Nice That’.

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